Big Block
BigBlock is another arcade puzzle game by Csharks. The main theme of this game revolves around an African tribal man & his family. Voodoo masks have become integral part of the tribal family. The family is trying to make their moves for the benefit of all. But things can go very wrong if they let the voodoo get the better of them. The goal is to match & destroy as many voodoo masks as possible & release all the positive energy. The game play involves removing tile blocks by taping on it. A tile block can be removed if its adjacent tile blocks are similar. Tap & Swipe LEFT/RIGHT on moving tile blocks will change its path.This game is basically an infinite level game where the player has to survive as long as possible by reaching higher levels & score maximum points. Big Block uses the well known match 3 mechanics which is easy for all age groups. The pace of the game does not let the player relax & the player needs to be fast to make his/her choices