Jungle Jump
This is a fun game designed for kids. The Jungle Cafe which used to be an all-monkeys' cafe has opened its doors to all. Animals were eagerly waiting for the grand opening. When the news hit the forest, they started rushing towards the Jungle Cafe. There is a river on their way. The goal of the game is to help the animals cross the river safely. Help them bounce across the river to a safe place. Earn a life on every 1000 points. There are lots of collectibles. Lives and fruit points are few among them. Collecting rotten fruits will make the wooden paddle smaller. There are some interesting and funny power ups for the paddle. Jungle Jump is a game for kids with cute characters and funny sounds. Have a fun with your kids and their cute animals. Unique Features: • Fun game for kids • Simple controls . Cute Characters • Funny Sounds • Ideal Stress Buster